Banana Leaf – The Significance and Benefits

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Banana fruit is one of the most common fruits in the world. It is really useful to wellbeing, and the most interesting thing is its importance in Hinduism. The banana tree and Banana Leaves are considered to be divine and one of the most sacred in the Hindu faith.

Banana leaves are broad, supple and waterproof. They offer an aroma to food that is cooked in or served on it; steaming with banana leaves gives the dish a delicate sweet taste and aroma. The leaves are not ingested by themselves and are discarded after the contents have been consumed.

Importance Banana Leaves in Hinduism

The mighty Banana leaf is of modest origin, dating back to the Mesopotamians and the Indus Valley civilization. Back then, and even now, the Banana Leaf had a basic and unique function, which is to serve. The humble use of the banana leaf can be found in several South Indian nations. There are many usage of Banana Leaf.

Generic Paper Banana Leaf for South Indian Feast

The banana leaf is used in temples in India for the giving of darshan and prasad. The green on the banana leaf means that the couple were blessed with a new beginning of life. It is a common custom in Hindu culture to decorate the entrance to the wedding hall and the wedding house of the bride and groom with two banana stems. This symbolises the eternity and prosperity of the wedding that is about to happen.

Religious usage

  • Banana leaves are used for distribution of Prasad or Bhog to temple devotees. God and goddesses as Naivedyam or Bhog are given banana fruit.
  • The tree trunk is used in Hindu culture during religious festivities and rituals for good luck and wealth. This trunk is used for decorations.
  • During Ganpati puja, Lord Ganesh enjoys banana leaves and he is reassured by the offering of leafs.
  • Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are being given as a holy gift a banana leaf and fruit.
  • In any Vedic ceremony, banana leaves are referred to as holy in Hindu culture. The banana fruit is known to be the most energetic and cheap fruit for all.

Ancient usage

As Banana Leaves are broad and water proof, It was used as temporary clothes to hide themselves in ancient times. It protected their body from sunlight and rains. Banana Leaves are used as plates from ancient days till now. In ancient times, People used to cover small wounds with banana leaves to protect from infection

Importance in South India

In Kerala, the Onam Festival can be seen a specific and common use of the banana leaves. King Mahabali himself is thought to be going down and to bless the day and a celebrative meal known as the “Sadhya” is cooked. The food is thought to be a match for the gods. Sadhya’s are served in marriages, also known as Sadhya marriage.

The plantain blade reflects hospitality and friendliness with food from a cultural point of view in India. The first food they serve visitors who visit them is a banana leaf food when a couple is newly married in South India.

Benefits Banana Leaves

Broad, thick and water resistance of banana leaves make it an excellent alternative to serve food also known as Elai Sapad or plantan leaf food. But the dietary and therapeutic advantages really differentiate them from other serving choices.

  • The plant-based compounds called polyphenols are packed with banana leaves. The warm food served on the leaf enhances polyphenols ingested into the food. The leaf has significant medicinal properties and is thus commonly used as a herb in various Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines.
  • Bananas are a basic source of starch and fibre if ingested whole. Their serotonin is strong, which is a good mood stabiliser. They help stop constipation and keep the p.h balance in the stomach balanced. In comparison, the sources of vitamin B6 are excellent.
  • Nearly all weddings have a large amount of plastic as waste, much of which is used in wedding decorations and cutlery. Plastic is expensive and extremely difficult to dispose of in comparison to a banana leaf.
  • On the other side, banana leaves are fully biodegradable, natural, hygienic, chemical-free, and since you don’t have to wash them, you can conserve water. It will save you money and the world by using recycled and compostable goods at your wedding-much as it did for this couple.

Banana as umbrella

Banana leaves are used a umbrella in many village area. I have seen farmers using banana leaves as temporary umbrella during rainy season to protect themselves from rain water. As these leaves are water repellent it protect from getting wet.

Banana leaves as decor

The dark green colour of the banana leaf makes it possible for it to pop vibrantly against some other colour. They can be moulded, formed, and cut easily. This makes it an excellent choice for centrepieces. The banana leaf stem is made from a tough fibre which can also be used for making seats. It is also possible to use banana fibre for making shirts or other clothing products.

why should we use banana leaves?

In this section , I am going to highlight this question. Why should we use banana leaves? All important facts and figures regarding usage of banana leaves.


They are readily recyclable and are deemed to be eco-friendly. These leaves decompose quickly, unlike their synthetic counterparts. Banana leaves also serve as a perfect substitute as a tool to hold liquids and double up as plates for carrying solid foods and cups. By being a feasible alternative for climate protection, these leaves maintain the ecosystem.

Banana leaves adds Flavour

When put on a banana leaf, hot food not only provides an added scent, it also increases the food’s flavour. This is due to the presence of chlorophyll and when hot food is deposited on the leaves, other nutrients respond. Similarly, an extra taste enhancement is added by using banana leaves for frying. What is there not to love?

Banana leaves is great for wellbeing

Banana leaves have many advantages. The presence of polyphenols in these leaves has antioxidants that are said to help control diseases including Parkinson’s; similarly, the ashes of these leaves when combined with water are said to be beneficial when you have an upset stomach and diarrhoea. In the case of sprains, it is advised that you mix a paste of banana leaf ash, some slaked lime and jaggery and add it to the infected area.

Onam Sadhya Is Served On A Banana Leaf

If it is not serve on a banana leaf, you can not picture a typical South Indian dinner. So why did you ever ask? You will definitely ask what’s the reason behind serving a delicious variety of food on a banana leaf, in particular when it’s Onam Sadhya. Ok, to appease your curiosity, read on.


Nature’s Non-Stick Pan

The banana leaf is a natural version of a non-stick pan. Ghee and oil don’t adhere to a banana leaf to keep the food from being sticky. Moreover, this one does not come with Teflon cancer coating. Normal 100 percent and tasty 100 percent! Hmm, why we use plates any of this makes me wonder? The banana leaf all around seems to be a better idea. But note all these incredible details, when you enjoy your tasty Onam Sadhya until then.

Organic & Chemical-Free

There is no doubt about the soap being used on the leaf. All the leaves are washed in water and ready to be served. The banana leaf is 100% natural and just as natural. They’re hygienic, too.


The cooking of Onam Sadhya is no mean feat. On average, Sadhya has 26 dishes. Apply to it the 50 dishes that need to be cleaned. Not a banana leaf epidemic! After your dinner, you simply fold it and throw it away. The leaf also has a location for a large menu to be prepared, which makes it perfect. Saving time, it’s cost-effective and very practical.

Recipes using banana leaves

They are used for cooking because As these leaves are chemical free, clean and nutritious. Food can be baked, steamed and deep-fried in them, all you have to do is cover the food in them. Even the Gujrati use banana leaves for cooking.

Panki, a popular Gujarati Rice flour snack, is made using two combined processes. The savoury rice batter is placed between the leaves and then the leaves are held over a hot pan until the panki is fried. Panki may have a lot of variants including a green peas panki.

Corn Panki

It’s a special batter of grated sweet corn, besan and rava used to make this juicy and crispy Corn Panki.

Gram/chana Dal Panki

The snack is tweaked to increase the amount of protein, iron, and fibre by using chola dal instead of rice flour.

Grilled Curry Rice

Dampened in a banana leaf, aromatic rice preparation. This is a great meal for all the major starters on your barbeque.

Ela Ada Recipe

Popular Kerala candy made from steaming stuffed pancakes made of rice flour wrapped in a banana leaf.

Paneer Bhapa

Special snack, in the pockets of bananas leaves, which offers an inimitable taste.

Fish wrapped

The most famous of these are the fish covered in plantane leaves: Bengal paturi or Parsi patrani machhi. The paturi is most tasty when the coveted hilsa (ilish) steamed after it is draped with mustard paste is contained. The chutney-packed pomfret tented Patrani diners. The Kerala unique Karimean polichattu, which is made from pearl spot fish smothered in a fiery masala-rich sauce is not well known in northern India.

An attraction to enjoy is professional fishermen harping the fish at an enormous cost at Kumarakom’s Vembanad lake before it hits your plate! A flashy symphony with a community of fish, ginger-garlic paste, spices and mustard paste is developed in Maccha patrapoda at Odisha. The star stays either the banana leaf, or it’s fried or steamed. The crawns are often cooked in a similar manner.

Succulent prawns substitute fish in chingudi patrapoda. The ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cumin and garam masala are mashed in the creams. That’s tough. This grossly ground creeping mixture is covered in banana flooring and baked in an iron pot or grilled. Assam and their sisters from the north-eastern portion of the area love the patot diya mua maas.

Banana Leaf Png/Banana Leaf Wallpaper

There are many sites which provide Banana Leaf Png/Banana Leaf Wallpaper free of cost. You can google it download any time. I will share some of links.

Closing words

The banana tree is called the Calpvriksha, the desire-filling tree in many parts of India. Its fruits, flora and stem are all edible, sweet, and nutritious; its leaves are often used as large plates for biodegradation. These leaves can also be used as versatile food vessels — for a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies such as steam, bread or barbecue. Interestingly, in Sanskrit, the word patra is translated as a leaf, which is derived from the word paatra, cooking vessel and platter.

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